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Potential impact of tariffs on Florida’s economy

Threat of trade war and tariffs are worrying some Florida business owners according to experts. It may lead to hurt Florida’s $1 trillion economy. Says international trade is a quarter of Alice Ancona, director of International Strategy and Policy with the Florida Chamber of Commerce says Florida’s economy and these tariffs are “a pretty significant impact.”.

But surely experts do realize its a negotiation, its positioning, and most of all its very temporary until out trading partners respect the world’s “piggy bank”.

State Job Market Grew 3.2% – 60% Faster Than Nation

Florida’s job growth is forecast to be 3.2% for 2015 and growing even faster in 2016 (+3.4%), well ahead of the nation at 2.0%, according to Kiplinger.  Florida ranks in the top 5 in the nation for 2015, and the only state on the East Coast in the top 7; the top ten for 2015 (along with their 2016 job growth forecast) – Utah (+3.4%), Washington, (+3.2%), Idaho (+3.6%), Nevada (+4.5%), and Florida (+3.4%) followed by Oregon (+3.4%), Arizona (+3.3%), and Georgia (+3.0%), California (2.4%) and South Carolina (2.8%).  Among 2015’s top ten, the 2016 expectations rank Florida as tied for #3 behind only Nevada and Idaho.  See the link to the rankings at via the JAX Business Journal.

New Record for Florida Tourism in Q1

Drew Dixon reports for The Florida Times-Union that the state had some 28.4M tourists for the first quarter, a new record, and a 6.2% increase from the prior record in Q1 2014.  Plus, tourism employment is up 4.8%, to over 1.19M for the state.