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Topgolf and IKEA Updates

Topgolf opened for business on October 28th, after much anticipation and excitement. The venue is 65,000 SF and located near the St. Johns Town Center, just west (and visible) from I-295.

Ikea broke ground yesterday, with a planned opening in 2017. The store will be 290,000 SF and located on 25 acres, with 950 parking spaces. Ikea plans to hire 250 people once the store opens. This will be the 4th Ikea in Florida, and the first in Northeast Florida.

Both of these developments are great signs for the city, demonstrating that the city is now “on the radar” for major retailers who previously overlooked Jacksonville. Topgolf and Ikea chose sites close to the St. Johns Town Center, which is viewed by outsiders as the prime retail hub of the city.

IKEA Development Details Released

IKEA plans to invest nearly $36M into the planned Jacksonville location. According to a recent article, the opening is expected to be in the fall of 2017 and the store plans on hiring 250 people to staff the location. The permits show a store size of 294,203 SF with 950 parking spaces and an expected development cost of $22.7M. IKEA paid $13M for the 25 acres back in May.

Karen Brune Mathis with the Daily Record covered the story.

The IKEA Effect

“IKEA, the popular Swedish-based home furnishings retailer, has been chronicled as an economic indicator in terms of its global sales and materials sourcing. It also can have a significant impact for cities looking to attract people and corporations that are examining the quality of life and vibrancy of a community and region for possible relocation”, says Jerry Mallot,  JAXUSA President.

View the Full Article here on JaxUSA Partnership’s website.

IKEA Coming to Jacksonville

IKEA held a press conference in Jacksonville today, announcing plans to open up a store in the First Coast. The plan is for a 294,000 square foot facility to be built on 25 acres at I-295 and Gate Parkway. Construction would begin in the summer of 2016, with an open date in the fall of 2017. This will be the 5th location in Florida. This announcement follows several other planned developments nearby, including new phases at the St. Johns Town Center and a Top Golf facility in the immediate area.

Karen Brune Mathis with the Daily Record covered the story.