Top 20 Grossing U.S. Retailers

The top 20 retailers in the U.S. in terms of gross sales are, according to a list from – and two weren’t even really around 15 years ago (Amazon and Apple).

  1. Wal-Mart ($343B and 5,109 stores)
  2. Kroger Co ($103B and 3730 stores)
  3. Costco ($78B and 464 stores)
  4. Home Depot ($74B and 1,965 stores)
  5. Walgreens ($72B and 8,157 stores)
  6. Target ($72B and 1,790 stores)
  7. CVS/CareMark ($67B and 7,808 stores)
  8. Lowe’s ($54B)
  9. Amazon ($49N – NO STORES!)
  10. Safeway ($36B and 1,326 stores)
  11. Best Buy ($35B and 1,445 stores)
  12. McDonald’s ($35B and 14,350 stores)
  13. Publix ($30B and 1,296 stores)
  14. Apple ($28B and 259 stores)
  15. Macy’s ($28B and 821 stores)
  16. RiteAid ($26B and 4,570 stores)
  17. Ahold ($25B and 768 stores)
  18. Sears Holding ($25B and 1,659 stores)
  19. TJX Cos. ($22B and 2,569 stores)
  20. HEB Grocery ($19B and 317 stores)

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30 years' in commercial real estate investment sales, banking, mortgage banking, and valuation. Trained and schooled in Atlanta, and now heading the Investment Sales Team in the Colliers Jacksonville office.

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