Northeast Florida Home Sales are HOT

Below are a few stats from a recent report released by the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, which indicate that the market is very hot right now.

  • Sales in March, April and May of 2015 were around 2,200 per month; and in June, sales reached 2,587, a 13.3% increase from same time of last year
  • Pending sales are up 31.8%, or 2,779
  • The median home price is also on the rise from last year, up 9.3%, or $183,590

Alexa Epitropoulos with the Jacksonville Business Journal covered the report.

About Ernie Saltmarsh

Ernie works for Colliers International in the Northeast Florida Investment Services Group. The team includes Robert Selton, Scott Rogers, Ernie Saltmarsh and Adrienne Miller. Ernie works with buyers who are looking to invest in commercial real estate and sellers who are looking to dispose of investment assets. Ernie's background in research, marketing and finance provide the vital skills necessary to serve his clients.

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