Top Retailer Store Closing Lists

With all the chatter of the economy and retailers and store closings, our buddy at SCREnews, Mike Dodds, MAI, CCIM, gets us linked to the top 10 chains that are closing stores, per an online article from  Here’s a quick summary (alphabetical order):

Abercrombie & Fitch – 60 stores

Aeropostale – 120 in 2014 and closing another 126 mall outlets in fiscal 2015

Barnes & Noble – doesn’t cite how many, just alot of stores in flux at this company

Family Dollar – pending acquisition by DollarTree could result in 500 FD’s closing

JCPenney – 40 stores in 2015

Macy’s – 14 store closings announced in January 2015

Office Depot – after merging with OfficeMax (2013), to close 400 stores by YE 2016; now talking merger with Staples, and more stores could close as a result

Radio Shack – in flux, with RS’ recent bankruptcy filing; trying to sell 1500-2400 of its 4000 stores to General Wireless and working out a deal with Sprint for some (other) stores

Sears Holdings – closing 235 stores, mostly KMarts, announced in December.

Staples – announced March 2014 it would close 225 underperfoming stores by mid-2015.  One retail analyst estimates a merger or Staples/Office Depot could result in 1,000 store closings.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Charleston Retail CRE Blog and commented:
    Great Article which underscores the evolution of retail. Wonder if there are statistics on how many ‘Virtual’ or ‘Online’ retailers close stores?

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