Emerging Trends in Real Estate Shows Progress and Promise for JAX

JAX is outranked by a number of SE US cities, but it is showing promise, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate, the globally-recognized annual publication of industry veterans Urban Land Institute and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  JAX ranks #55 of the 75 US cities, well behind the top five “18-hour” cities of Houston, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth.  Miami (#19) was the highest ranking FL city.  Other top Southeast US cities were Charlotte (#7), Raleigh (#10), Atlanta (#11), Nashville (#13) and Charleston (#21).  JAX ranked ahead of other SE US cities such as Fort Myers (#56), Birmingham (#59), Richmond (#63), Memphis (#69), and Virginia Beach (#72).  Andrew Thurlow of The JAX Business Journal has the article on the publication and the annual presentation at a ULI meeting at the Hyatt this week led by Andrew Warren co-author of Pricewaterhousecoopers.

About scottrogersjax

30 years' in commercial real estate investment sales, banking, mortgage banking, and valuation. Trained and schooled in Atlanta, and now heading the Investment Sales Team in the Colliers Jacksonville office.

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